Geisha and Origami

Geisha and OrigamiTitle for Image #1: Geisha
Title for image #2: Origami

Size:  5'X3'

Medium:  Mixed Media Collage

Year Completed:  2001

Description:  I worked on nine pieces for a sushi restaurant called Sushi Hana in Missoula, MT.

Fiberglass Bear

Fiberglass BearSize:  5'X8'X3'

Medium:  Acrylic on Fiberglass

Year Completed:  2004

Description:  30 bears were painted by 30 artists as a fundraiser for the University of Montana Athletic Department, Missoula, MT.  This was the second-highest auctioned bear at $10,500.00.  The bear illustrates the history of the first buildings built for the University of Montana.




Boone Karlberg

Boone and KarlburgBoone Karlberg approached me with the challenge of designing artwork for their entry foyer, reception area and conference room. They are located in the heart of downtown Missoula, MT and wanted work that represented their geographic location, as well as their love of the surrounding Missoula landscape. I proposed a large painting for each area as follows:


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CowgirlSize:  4'X6'

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Year Completed:  2004

Description:  This painting was created for my client's baby room.  They wanted something that they could keep forever, so we painted the mural on a separate canvas and then continued painting the lasso rope directly on the wall.