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I was commissioned by Scott Billadeau, owner of Liquid Planet, to work on several art pieces for his new beverage retail store and restaurant. In addition to the artwork, I was also a design consultant with the overall construction project of Liquid Planet, and painted all of the walls in the store with a soft faux finish in brown and yellow tones.

The first project I started was the Old World map. This map was designed to illustrate the old tea and coffee trade routes. It is a large 8'X16' panel that hangs behind the coffee bar.

Liquid Planet       Liquid Planet







Hadley stands on a ladder in Liquid Planet coffeeshop and paints the outline of the map behind the bar.Hadley fills in the map behind the bar at the Liquid Planet coffeeshop in Missoula, MT.

To get an "Old World" look, I had to paint as many as 14 different thin layers of color.

Liquid Planet Coffee Routes








The finished map as it sits behind the coffee bar.

The next project was to design a painting for the dome built above the wine rack. This mural illustrates a wine god and his wine goddesses. It was fun taking on the challenge of painting a mural directly on the ceiling.

The picture on the left shows me painting the first layer of color. This step solidifies the design and is the foundation of the painting. On the right, you can see the finished painting! It works well with the wine "globe" rack beneath it.

Liquid Planet Ceiling   Liquid Planet Globe Mural








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