Boone Karlberg

Boone Karlberg approached me with the challenge of designing artwork for their entry foyer, reception area and conference room. They are located in the heart of downtown Missoula, MT and wanted work that represented their geographic location, as well as their love of the surrounding Missoula landscape. I proposed a large painting for each area as follows:

1. A 4' X 10' triptych for the conference room of Hellgate Canyon, Mt. Sentinel, Mt. Jumbo and part of Missoula Valley. The biggest challenge with this space was working with the curved wall. We built canvas frames that curved to fit with the curve of the wall.

Original Drawing








This is the original line drawing I rendered before working on a painted design sample.

Painted Design Sample







This is the painted design sample which was the last step before working on the painting.








This is the final product. The painting fit beautifully with the colors in the conference room and was a huge success.

2. A 4' X 5.5' painting for the law firm reception room of Milwaukee Station. The river and part of Brennan's wave is in the foreground, and part of Lolo Peak is in the background.

Milwaukee Station DesignMilwaukee Station Design 2








These are the two designs that were submitted; a line drawing and a value painting.

Milwaukee Station










This is the final painting!

3. Finally, a 3.5' X 4.5' painting for the entry foyer of the Court House in front of Rattlesnake Valley.

Milwakee Depot